Premonor, S.A. is a company that has experienced rapid and solid growth since 1999, into a group of companies that operate in various fields and contribute to its consolidation in the market today.
Premonor also has multiple references at turnkey projects coordinating subcontracting of civil engineering, electricity, insulation, etc. all over the world.
Premonor has qualified human resources, and material resources that include offices, warehouses, workshops of prefabrication, and latest technology resources.

Un grupo sólido  
Subsidiaries and investee companies complete sectors of facilities in building, maintenance, cleaning, painting, water treatment and management software.
Time, quality, safety and respect for the environment drive our objectives, because we know that this is the way to achieve that our clients consider us partners in the resolution of their problems.
Datos de interés  
Consult all data on our control of quality, safety and environment system management certificate, insurances & ratings.



Central and Workshops

C./ Parroquia de Guísamo Parcela A-1, Nave 1,
Polígono de Bergondo, 15165 Bergondo - A Coruña
Tlf.: 981 65 03 37 / fax: 981 65 08 29

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