PTAR SALITRE DIMWATER 2020 Assembly of pipes and equipment at the wastewater treatment... (Bogotá)...
SOGAMA UTE PCOG & CERCEDA 2020 General Shutdown 2020 - Metallurgical works Sogama Plant (Cerceda)...
SOGAMA SOGAMA 2020 Metallurgical maintenance work (Cerceda)...
SOGAMA UTE PCOG & CERCEDA 2019 General Shutdown 2019 - Metallurgical works Sogama Plant Cerceda
PTAR SALITRE DIMWATER 2019 Supply and manufacture of pipes and equipment for PTAR Salitre... Cerceda
Depuradora DIMASA 2019 Works by administration in FLIX treatment plantX (Flix)...
SOGAMA SOGAMA 2019 General Shutdown 2018 - Metallurgical works Sogama Plant Cerceda
SOGAMA SOGAMA 2015 Annual maintenance shutdown (Cerceda)...
  ABEINSA 2014 Prefabrication of piping for water treatment plant of Sri Lanka (Órdenes)...
BEFESA GHANA LTD ABEIMA TEYMA GHANA 2013/14 Mechanical erection of new desalination plant Ghana
DIM WATER DIM WATER 2013 Prefabrication of pipes and equipments for biogas cleaning plant (Andoain)...
SOGAMA SOGAMA 2013 Maintenance shutdown in SOGAMA plant (Cerceda)...
COGERSA VALORIZA 2013 Mechanical assembly of piping and tanks in COGERSA biomethanisation plant (Gijón)...
COGERSA VALORIZA 2013 Supply and fabrication of stainless steel tanks for COGERSA plant (Serín)...
  DIMASA 2012 Manufacture of activated carbon filters (Andoain)...
TERSA ALSTOM POWER 2012 Mechanical erection of piping for boiler in TERSA plant Barcelona
SOGAMA SOGAMA 2010 Maintenance of mechanical installations in SOGAMA plant La Coruña
OCIDE OCIDE 2009 Complete Mechanical Assembly of New BRM System Treatment Plant (Alcoy)...
  URBASER 2009 New injectors digesters in Nostian NSW treatement plant A Coruña
ECOPAC BARCELONA URBASER 2008 Expansion of waste plant Barcelona
  SUFI 2006 New MSW treatement plant Salamanca
TECNOR MEDIOAMBIENTE TECNOR MEDIOAMBIENTE 2006 Replacement of stainless pipe of digesters in Bens NSW treatement plant La Coruña
  TECNOR MEDIOAMBIENTE 2005 Brackets and Assembly of equipment manufacturing in NSW treatement plant Palencia
  AG AMBIENTAL 2004/05 Assembly of teams of decontamination of soils in several service stations Varios
AYTO. LAS PALMAS ISOLUX WAT 2004/05 New plant of methanation of municipal solid waste Las Palmas
BODEGA JAUME SERRA AMASA 2004 Manufacture and Assembly of tank container for membranes in Bodega Jaume Serra Barcelona
AYTO. DE BURGOS LINDE KCA DRESDEN GMBH 2003 New plant of methanation of municipal solid waste Burgos
GEDESMA LINDE KCA DRESDEN GMBH 2003 Changes in pipe of digesters in Urban solid waste treatment plant (Pinto)...
BODEGAS CUNE AMASA 2003 Piping systems and equipment in Cune wine cellars La Rioja
BODEGAS PATERNINA AMASA 2002 Installation and connections of sewage treatment plant in Paternina wine cellar La Rioja
  AMASA 2002 Several works on sewage Villoslada La Rioja
SOGAMA AMASA 2002 Installation of 2 sewages in Sogama NSW treatement plant (Cerceda)...
TECMED Deutch Babcock 2002 Supply, prefabrication and mechanical Assembly of a NSW treatement plant (Bens)...
CONSERVAS CALVO CONSERVAS CALVO 2001 Reform of gates of sewage treatment plant (Esteiro)...
CONSERVAS CALVO CONSERVAS CALVO 2000 Supply and Assembly of stainless pipe in sewage treatment plant (Esteiro)...
CONSERVAS CALVO CONSERVAS CALVO 2000/01 Piping systems of sewage treatment plant (Esteiro)...
SOGAMA SOGAMA 1999 Mounting of equipment in Sogama NSW treatement plant (Cerceda)...

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