VINEYARD WIND WINDAR OFFSHORE 2022/23 Manufacture and supply of 31 units of the Upper Internal Platform...
IBERDROLA WINDAR OFFSHORE 2021/22 Manufacture of Windar Offshore Monopile platforms for...
FOSTER FOSTER 2021 Manufacture of 4 SOREK II surface mounted capacitors (Cerceda)...
UNIPER SENER 2021 Mechanical assembly of boilers and piping at SCHOLVEN... Germany
WOOD WOOD 2021 Manufacture of a surface capacitor for blue Marlim. (Cerceda)...
UNIPER UNIPER 2021 Prefabrication of piping for the construction of SCHOLVEN CHP Plant (Cerceda)...
IFI FACILITY IFI FACILITY 2020 Manufacture of structural supports for the Gouvaes power station (Cerceda)...
IBERDROLA WINDAR OFFSHORE 2020 Manufacture of the TP caissons for the Saint Brieuc offshore wind farm.
Biomet. Las Dehesas TAM 2019 Change of conveyor in the Las Dehesas Biomethanization sludge... Madrid
New Fortress Energy TSK 2019 Mechanical assembly of 2 HRSGs & Bypass Stacks Clarendon...
GREENALIA UTE Biomasa... 2019 Mechanical assembly of pipes, supports, structures and equipment... Curtis
ENCE TAM 2019 Assembly of conveyor belts Biomass Plant Puertollano Puertollano
ENCE TAM 2019 Assembly of conveyor belts Biomass Plant Huelva Huelva
SJPC TSK 2018 Supply and manufacture of PLET structure (Pipeline End Manifold)... Cerceda
GESTAMP BIOMASS TAM 2018 Mechanical assembly of conveyor belts Viseu and Fundao... Fundao-Viseu...
ENDE ANDINA TSK 2018 Mechanical assembly of PTA's (Water and Polishing Plants) Warnes... Warnes
SJPC TSK 2018 Manufacture of PLET accessories (Pipeline End Manifold) Old... Cerceda
SJPC TSK 2018 Mechanical assembly of 3 HRSGs & Bypass Stacks
Old Harbour Bay...
BASF MAN DIESEL... 2017 Dismantling Steam Turbine and reassembling E-MOTOR... Tarragona
GIGAWATT TSK 2016 Mechanical erection new air blast coolers Ressano Garcia 100MW... (Ressano Garcia)...
HC ENERGÍA TSK 2016 Mechanical erection ammonium building Selective Catalytic... Gijón
HC ENERGÍA TSK 2015/16 Reinforcement of steel structure Selective Catalytic Reduction... Gijón
HC ENERGÍA TSK 2015 Mechanical erection of piping and equipment Selective Catalytic... Gijón
NAVANTIA WINDAR 2015/16 Welding works of windmill jackets for WIKINGER project. Port of... Ferrol
IBERDROLA IBERDROLA 2015 Assembly of pipe for cooling turbines. (Aldeávila...)
GIGAWATT TSK 2015 Prefabrication and mechanical erection of piping for cogeneration plant. (Ressano Garcia)...
  MONCOBRA 2013/14 Mechanical works of thermal power plant in Guadaloupe Island Guadaloupe Island
IBERDROLA IBERDROLA 2013 Supply and fabrication of collectors for the Aldeadávila hydroelectric central  (Órdenes) A Coruña
MONCOBRA MONCOBRA 2013 Maintenance shutdown of boiler in Compostilla thermal power plant (Ponferrada) León
  ALSTOM POWER S.A. 2013 Maintenance shutdown in La Pereda thermal power plant (Mieres) Asturias
NEM MONCOBRA 2011/12 Mechanical assembly of piping in new combined cycle power plant (CCPP) (Amsterdam)Holland
  DURO FELGUERA 2010 Prefabrication and Mechanical erection of piping in Soto de Rivera V Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant Asturias
  DURO FELGUERA 2007 Prefabrication and Mechanical erection of piping in Soto de Rivera IV Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant Asturias
UNIÓN FENOSA ACIS 2002 2006 Pipe buried in CTCC (Sabón) La Coruña
MASA MASA 2006 Assemby of pipe of the CCPP blowing system
MASA MASA 2005/06 Assembly of pipe of boiler and pipe from N0. 4 work site in CCPP (Castelnou)Teruel
  MASA 2004/05 Pipe prefabrication for CCPP (Castelnou) Teruel
Ministerio de Minas... ISOLUX WATT 2003 Installation of turbine for the Ministry of mines and energy of Equatorial Guinea (Malabo)...
FECSA (MOMPRESA) MOMPRESA 2002 Mechanical Assembly of CCPP (Besós) Barcelona
URBASER DEUTZ IBERIA 2001 Prefabrication of pipe for cogeneration plant (Bens) La Coruña
  INABENSA 2001/02 Works in biomass plant (Sagúensa) Navarra
REPSOL Q. (UTE CTMM) FOOSTER WHEELER 2001 Pipe prefabrication, for cogeneration PIESA REPSOL PETROLEO plant La Coruña
REPSOL Q. (UTE CTMM) FOOSTER WHEELER 2001 Mechanical Assembly of cogeneration PIESA/REPSOL CHEMISTRY unit Santander
UNIÓN FENOSA ISOLUX WATT 2000 Several works in thermal power plant of Sabon and Noya La Coruña
SOGAMA TECNICAL 2000 Mechanical assembly in SOGAMA 23 MW cogeneration plant (Meirama) La Coruña
SOGAMA TECNICAL 2000 Installation and adaptation of engines and air instruments in Sogama cogeneration plant La Coruña
DURO FELGUERA DURO FELGUERA 2000/01 Mechanical assembly in CCPP (Besós) Barcelona


Mechanical works of thermal power plant in Guadalupe Island

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